Thalia Arawi, PhD

Consultant to CCRH

Center for Conflict Resolution in Healthcare LLC

In addition to the above, Dr. Arawi is active as the first certified Arab Bioethicist in the region. Some of her work includes:

*Vice-Chair of the Medical Center Ethics Committee, which she revamped when joining AUBMC by making it more patient-centered.

*Introduced the culture and service of Bedside Ethics Consultations, the first service of its kind to be offered in the Arab Region.
*Introduced the Humanism and Professionalism Award at AUBMC – the first of its kind in the region
*Created the Medical Humanism Fund which helps treat needy patients from all over the region – also the first of its kind in the region
*Introduced, developed and coordinates required coursework in Bioethics at the level of Med1-Med4, as well as introduced bioethics to AUBMC's residency program.
*Developed professionalism assessment forms to be used with medical students, residents and faculty
*Collaborates with several universities and teaching hospitals in the Arab Region to work in the development of bioethics curricula at teaching hospitals around the Arab World, and holds regional conferences
*Collaborates with WHO-EMRO, UNESCO and the Nuffield Council on Bioethics on a variety of projects and conferences.
*Is a founding member of the first Network on Bioethics issues for Women in the Arab World (BiNWIAR), with UNESCO
*Founding member of the Child Protection Committee and Child Protection Program at AUBMC, to enhance the culture of Child Protection in hospitals
*Created and launched the first Arab Bioethics Blog (Bioethics Matters) for the first time in the Arab World)
*Created and launched the first Arab Bioethics Listserv, with members from all over the Arab region
*Participated in international, regional and local conferences on issues pertaining to bioethics, conflict resolution in healthcare, medical disclosure, and related topics
*Developed an Oath for Scientists which will soon be disseminated in the entire Arab Region
*Developed a Research Participants' Guide now disseminated in the entire Arab Region
*Published and is publishing articles in the areas of bioethics, medical education, medical humanism, uterine transplant, competition, pharmacokinetics, art and medicine
*In addition to serving on both national and international committees, Dr. Arawi is the chair of the Pan Arab Bioethics Group of the Cambridge Bioethics Consortium
*Works with the Lebanese Ministry of Health on a number of bioethics projects
*Is member of the National Consultative Committee on Ethics, a committee of the Prime Ministry

*Research interests include: clinical ethics, healthcare mediation and conflict resolution, medical education, transplant ethics, end life issues, palliative care, virtue ethics, non-violence, research ethics, phmacogentics, human rights.

Thalia (Talia) Arawi, PhD, is clinical bioethicist, clinical ethics consultant and founding director of the Salim El-Hoss Bioethics and Professionalism Program (SHBPP) at the American University of Beirut Faculty of Medicine and Medical Center. The SHBPP is the first targeted initiative in the Arab World that aims to enhance public awareness and understanding as well as scholarly work on contemporary issues related to bioethics, medical humanism and professionalism. It promotes and encourages the development of the requisite skills, attitudes, and behaviors among those who practice medicine on issues such as end of life care, medical economics, health administration, law and policy, ethics, and research in Lebanon and the Arab World.  The SHBPP has thus developed and enhanced a culture of bioethics in Lebanon and the Arab World.